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What we do

As we do on yearly basis, we send you a summary of this Foundation’s intense activity at this end of 2015. We include the topics covered by the dialogue and investigation groups.

The meetings took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Capital city, Ushuaia from Tierra del Fuego Province, and institutions such as the University of Salvador. Those were as follows:

Year 2015 - Topics

March: Psychological thought and fractional energy as a booster
              DVD screening: Thought and the divisive process

April:     A brain free from self-centered activity
              DVD screening: Peace in the world and in oneself

May:      What are you doing with your life?
              DVD screening: Ending disorder now.

              Spanish-speaking meeting to be held at Brockwood Park, England, organized
              by the Canary Islands Information Center, Spain. Group member’s participation was suggested.

              Krishnamurti Foundation of America, Ojai, California - Meeting invitation to participate.

              Our Foundation’s 1700 registered members were informed that Juan Colell, President of the
              Krishnamurti Latin American Foundation (FKLA) was replaced by Paloma Salvador.

June:   The right livelihood
             DVD screening: Living with honesty and integrity

             A reminder was issued about the 80th. Anniversary of Krishnamurti visit to Argentina and
             other Latin-American countries.

July:    Can humanity change?
             DVD screening: The violence of the ‘self’ and the awareness energy

August: The inner revolution
               DVD screening: The transformation of man

               El Salvador University meeting and lecture on Oriental Studies. Dialogue on the Krishnamurti’s
               philosophical thought with DVD screening.

September: The revolution within
                       DVD screening: What is the Supreme Intelligence?

October: Conflict
                  DVD screening: Why does man live in conflict?

                  El Salvador University meeting and lecture on Oriental Studies. Dialogue on the future of
                  humanity and DVD screening

November: Thoughts about Being
                     DVD Projection: The self and conflict

                     El Salvador University, lecture on Oriental Studies. Meeting and continuation of dialogue on
                     the future of humanity with DVD sceening.

The responsibility of the Foundation Directors created in l969 by Krishnamurti regarding those who from different parts of the world "move in the same direction":

“If I'm working with the teachings and Krishnamurti is dead, what is my responsibility?”
(Krishnamurti talking to the Directors of the Foundations in Saanen, July 17, 1981)

"Why should you feel responsible? I'd like if you could answer to me this question. I’d like that some of you sink your teeth into this question: if I am working with the teachings and Krishnamurti is dead, what is my responsibility?

I felt something sacred, not the person who is beside the point-, but I felt something deep in his speech, in his presence. So what do I do?

How do I keep the heat, the sacred fire that I felt? How do I keep it, how do I feed it to avoid its vanishing? And what my responsibility is to the rest of the people who are working in this direction and my own responsibility in everyday life?

Am I really living what is it being talked about or I just felt a verbal explanation and excitement? Have I gone beyond the words?

And what is my responsibility for the rest of the people who work with the teachings?

Do I have the spirit, the deep quality of reality, the sense of cooperation with others, the communion with them?

This would be my first question about my responsibility, if I have a real contact, not merely physical or through letters, or through this or that, or through any activity.

If I have a real contact with others moving in the same direction”

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